part one

I am one of the Emperor’s most elite guards, and I have been sent to Daggerfall on a private mission for him. Many back home consider this to be the highest honour, which of course it is, but I am more excited by the opportunity to travel and explore.

I was excited, at least, until we hit the storm coming up the Iliac Bay. The boat was capsized under violent waves, and I barely made it out alive. I found myself washed up in some cave. What has happened to the rest of the crew, I could not say. It is likely that most of them have perished out at sea.

The cave was damp so I lit a fire, but I had not rested long before I discovered a tunnel that lead through the rock and down into a corridor - something much more man made. Checking my maps, it seemed that I may have been washed up into one of the secret entrances to Privateers Hold.

The deep into the maze of corridors I went, the greater the horrors I encountered. I came across thieves and archers, bats and rats. But then, further in, I saw for the first time with my own eyes, the walking dead. Shrieking, howling, reanimated skeletons, armed with swords and axes. They are powerful foes, but a few cracks to the head with a long sword, and they fell dead forever this time.

I escaped Privateer’s Hold into the sunshine. Daggerfall is gloriously beautiful. The snow has recently fallen. I suppose it is that time of year. I climbed up over a large mountain, heading south away from the bay. It took me about an hour to reach the nearest settlement, a large town called Gothway Gardens. The place is pretty; high thatched roofs and gorgeous canals. The people however, seem to despite high elves. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been rude or short with me.

I have not been able to sell any of the armour that I pillaged from the thieves of Privateer’s Hold. None of the shops in town will take it. I was hoping to acquire enough gold to get a horse or cart to Daggerfall City, and progress the Emperor’s mission from there. I suppose I must look for work. A sword for sale is always hired, eventually.

I wonder if there is a Fighter’s Guild in town? There is a Guild for the Mages, but that is of no use to me. I have already checked at a temple and two inns but as I say, the people are far from hospitable.

As I write this, I am taking an hour beneath some trees around a ring of canals. A very friendly dog has taken a shine to me, but I suspect he just wants the core of my apple. I suppose I should brave a bed at the nearest inn, and set off looking for work proper in the morning.

Until I next write...

Part Two